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Fijian Village

Kava, Souvenirs and Fun


Quick Taxi ride to Nadi Market (Open-air) for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables - Got More than expected. Experienced a Kava Ceremony at a nearby shop, LOCAL SOUVENIRS Discover Treasure of Fiji, Main Street, Nadi Town. Friendly People and Great Souvenirs, including Ceremony Kava Bowl and accessories.  

Tour and Souvenirs


Tour a Fijian Village and get Your Souvenirs, while visiting. Support the Local Fijian people, also known as iTaukei. Your Tour could be, as low as $5 FJD if you plan it yourself, plus transportation. It is informative and a great way to connect with the Friendly People of the Fiji islands.


Fiji Museum

Learn how it all began over 3000 years ago. Visiting the Fiji Museum should be at the top of your list of Things To Do. A Wealth of History and Artifacts. Set aside at least an hour or two. Stroll through the 2-story Museum and be prepared to read the amazing stories of the Fiji Islands. Stop by the Souvenir Shop and take a bit of History Home.

Welcome to Paradise

Fiji is Paradise

Republic of Fiji has some of the Friendliest people. They are helpful, polite and make you feel right at home. Visit a Fijian Village during your delightful stay in Paradise and get Souvenirs right from the hands of the Fijians.

Souvenirs Direct to Your Home

Souvenirs are a Great Way to remember your vacation to Paradise. It is also great to support the local people of the country that you visit. Get Souvenirs from the Fijians, while visiting then Take Fiji Home with You with Souvenirs Direct to Your Home. ...More Details

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